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Move a Library File

Use this endpoint to move one or more Library files to a different Libray folder. To move a single file, you can also use the Library Individual File PUT method.


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Privileges required: mylibrary:file:update

To move one or more MyLibrary files to a different folder in the user's account, specify the destination folder using the folderId path parameter. The files to move are specified in an array of comma separated fileIds in the JSON request body. The request will fail with a 400 error if any of the fileIds are incorrect (not linked to an existing file). If the folderId is incorrect, the request fails with a 404 error.

Retrieve the moved file by making a GET call to the URI included in the response to retrieve the moved file.

PUT: https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/library/folders/{folderId}/files

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