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Library File Collection Endpoint

Use this endpoint to retrieve (GET) a collection of Library files in the Constant Contact account. To add a file to the collection, see Library File Multipart POST API.


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Privileges required: mylibrary:file:read

The following options  are available when retrieving Library files:

  • Retrieve all files in all folders in the account - do not use any query parameters (except for api_key)
  • Retrieve all files with a specific type - use the type query parameter (ALL, IMAGE, or Document)
  • Retrieve all files from a specific source - use the source query parameter
  • Retrieve a specific file type from a specific source - use both the type and source query parameters

There are many options available for sorting the JSON response using the sort_by query parameter.

GET: https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/library/files

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