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Test Sending an Email Campaign

Use this endpoint to test what an email campaign message will look like by sending it to a maximum of 5 recipients.

NOTE: Any dynamic content included in the campaign will not be processed because test send does not merge data from a contact list when sending the test message.


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Privileges required: campaign:send

Send the email campaign message specified by the campaignId path parameter to the email addresses (maximum of 5) in the email_address array in the JSON request payload. You can preview email campaign messages with a status of DRAFT, SENT, and SCHEDULED.

Things to know about previews

  • Any content that is customized for each recipient in an email campaign will not be processed when the campaign is previewed. This is because the preview function does not use the syndication process used to deliver production campaigns. Previews are sent to email addresses, as opposed to a list of contacts. 

  • Email campaigns can, including previews messages, to up to 50 non-verified email addresses, 5 at a time, in a 24 hour period. There is no limit on sending messages to verified email addresses.

  • You need to set the format property to define the content types that will be sent in the preview:
    • HTML - sends only the HTML version of the message (defined in email_content)
    • TEXT - sends only the text version of the message (defined in text_content)
    • HTML_AND_TEXT - sends two test messages, the HTML and the text versions of the message.

NOTE: You cannot preview XHTML formatted email campaign messages (email_content_format = XHTML).

POST: https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/emailmarketing/campaigns/{campaignId}/tests

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