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Email Campaign Collections

Use this end point to retrieve (GET) the collection of existing email campaigns, or to create (POST) a new email campaign.


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Privileges required: campaign:list

Retrieves the email campaigns in a user's account as follows:

  • all campaigns in the user's account (no query parameter specified)
  • campaigns with the status specified using the status query parameter; see the parameter table below for status types and definitions
  • campaigns modified on or after the date/time specified using the modified_since query parameter. This is useful for syncing email campaigns across applications.

Campaign sort order depends on the campaign status:

Status Campaign sort order
DRAFT by the latest modified_date
SENT by the latest last_run_date
SCHEDULED    by the next_run_date
DELETED by the latest last_run_date if it was sent, or by the latest modified_date, if it was never sent

About DELETED campaigns

Deleted campaigns are included in a GET response only when status=DELETED query parameter is used. They  are not included in the GET collection by default. You cannot retrieve an individual deleted campaign object using the API.

GET: https://api.constantcontact.com/v2/emailmarketing/campaigns

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